Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hopping a Date

So, I am going on the obligation date. Yes, it will be terrible. But there is one thing that will make it totally worth it. Having my friends hop it. Hopping a date means that you magically and 'mysteriously' show up at a date that your friend is on. There are a few techniques you can use when hopping a date.

A) Sit at another table and order your friend drinks. Remain anonymous.
B) Bring a pawn. The pawn's job is to step in on the date in order to cause an awkward, yet interesting circumstance to arise. It's kind of like punking, in a way. Unscripted drama.
C) Friends arrive, and upon finding where you are sitting, act astonished that you are there and ask to join you.

There are various drawbacks and benefits to the different options. And sometimes, even you may be unaware that your date is being hopped by your own friends. But it always results in a wonderful evening as long as your friends' intentions are good. Now, if you have terrible friends, that's another blog altogether....

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