Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blegggh... Ugh

I wish there was a word. But really, I feel like... guhuuoooffff.

You know when you get sliced by someone you love... maybe it's your issue or maybe it's theirs... and your heart feels like it's about to shatter? That's not how I feel. What about when an acquaintance stings you a bit or maybe it's just a shot to your pride and you get a little tight in the chest? That's also not how I feel. And then there's when someone who you are starting to care more about does something that's more of a burn. Your stomach clenches and you feel like you are going to throw up? That's how I feel.

You know... a relationship right now... I could take it or leave it. Depends on the person. Of course. I don't have to be committed to anyone right now. I don't really feel like it's the time. But there's one thing I will not do. And that's hang around while the person I am dating is dating other people. When I feel like I've given you a full picture of who I am... I'm starting to enjoy you more and more... and you, for whatever reason, are still seeing other people, I don't feel the need to stick around. I don't really want to like you that much. So I will give you two seconds to decide if you really want me around. And after two seconds, I will walk away.

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