Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Everything that can be done is meaningless. Nothing matters, so the best we can do is enjoy our days - eat, drink, and find joy in our daily work. I'm sure many people would disagree. In fact, I think I disagree! What a hopeless statement - perhaps from someone who has lost everything - who has nothing left to lean on.

In fact, these potent statements come from Ecclesiastes - yep, the Bible. And the assumed author is Solomon - a man of wisdom and stature - a king with everything he needs at his disposal.

I grew up believing that the entire Bible was the word of God, breathed into man. Yet, these don't seem like something God would say. How do I know that God intended these human musings to be a part of the collection of ideas that became known as the Holy Bible? Frankly, it sounds like the thoughts I've written in journals... the thoughts I've reflected on throughout my lifetime.

What about this? "A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes life merry, but money is the answer for everything." Oh really? 1 Timothy says money plunges men into ruin and destruction. So who is right? Solomon or Paul? If the ENTIRE Bible is the inspired word of God, then wouldn't they match up? And why isn't this verse included in the concordance? Because someone knew it didn't match up and they didn't want to make it very easy to find, right?

I don't doubt that God is God. I don't doubt that He has a tremendous and unshakable love for us. And I don't doubt his plan to deliver us from our own terrible choices and gripping vices. I believe that He has spoken and continues to speak into the lives of people who will listen. But is every word... each word that was dictated and translated and pondered and modified... the actual intent of God?