Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sushi and Sunshine and... Motorbikes?

So, sushi and sunshine make me incredibly happy. On a dark day when things are rushed and uncomfortable, one of these things is surely the cure to settle me back into normalcy. Now, there are a few other things that can do this, too. Climbing is one of them. Being around a good friend is another. And soon I might be adding something new.

I rode my new motorcycle to work today. It was cold... 31 degrees to be exact. But it is a short ride to work. I accelerated onto a busy road and then made another turn onto an even busier road. The conditions were really nice and I was able to get so much more confident on the bike... learning to lean into the turns and to shift comfortably. The cold air was wonderful. And I felt great getting off that bike... knowing that I can do anything that I want to do. It seemed too complicated at first, and not worth the effort. But I am so psyched that I learned how. It's been so much fun even just tooling around the neighborhood. I'm invigorated and really happy that I can do it. It sounds stupid, maybe. But we mentally block ourselves from reaching out and trying new things. We persuade ourselves that it's not worth the effort or that it's too hard. Or that only a certain type of people do that thing... not people like us.

I also like that it takes some tricks to get the bike started. It's not easy. You've got to be patient and try a few things. I've got to let it warm up and rev it a bit. It's not just an easy thing like jumping into a car and popping it into drive. I've got to think about it and to stay on top of it or I won't be successful. I love that.

So, today was a good day. There is alot for me to learn about bikes, but I'm completely psyched about this. It keeps my eyes bright.

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