Thursday, October 23, 2008

Harley Has Ripe Gas

Dear Harley,

I am glad you are living with me. You are precious and you needed some love. So I am happy to fill that need. You needed me to brush you and to keep you healthy with good food and a bit of medication. You needed me to take you on walks. And to love you. To pet you when you come near and to wrestle you around a bit.

But you farted today more than once. In fact, you made my friends move from one place to another at least three times. I was just online and you decided to lay next to me. I can't really smell it that much, but I sense that there is a stench in the air. What the heck? Why don't you do a cleanse? Your gas is rank.

1 comment:

MotoMax said...

That's my boy!! ha ha ha ha ha