Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I got to see THUNK's first show back in the saddle after three years. I am so stoked for Max. He is taking life by the balls and living it up. He is so outrageously positive that it makes me beam.

Seeing live music is so inspiring. There is so much to learn musically by staying attentive to the action on stage. I love it. Max has been an excellent teacher - pulling me back into music in a powerful way and he's been encouraging me to perform. I can sing all day in front of anyone. But as soon as you put an instrument in my hand, I'm a mess of nerves.

Anyway, I had a great time last night. Drinking and dancing and the whole time having this incredible emotion riding through it all. My pitter-pattering heart was all afire last night. Max is unlike anyone I have known. He is passionate, alive, genuine, dedicated, sincere, enthusiastic, fascinating... that doesn't even scratch the surface. We have this intense affinity for each other that I thoroughly enjoy. It's been that way despite years of silence. He's always been my... 'ahhhhhh.'

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