Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jake Hates Me

I had a friend a while ago, before Rob and I split up. Frankly, he did some pretty scummy things. And I did some scummy things, too. Now here we are two years later. I know I am a different person. And I assume he is, too. So when we all got together to celebrate Rob's 30th, I figured we could have decent conversation and get over the issues that plagued us two years ago.

Not the case.

I don't quite know why he wouldn't make eye contact with me or why, when I engaged him in conversation, he gave curt answers. But it was what it was. And when I asked him if he was doing it on purpose, he said, 'yes'. Wow. Adults. Adults can't forgive? Adults can't move past issues and realize that people do change for the best? It was shocking. And it reminded me of how he treated me two years ago. He's shown me the most outrageously judgemental form of hate I've ever experienced. This from someone who loves the Lord. Sad.

Maybe a little bit of time and life experience will work it out.

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