Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rolling Around The Park

I walked around America the Beautiful park with Rob tonight. I felt so good. Truly good. I'm pushing the love of my early days in a wheelchair, knowing that his days are short, and my entire body is filled with overflowing joy. What am I so happy about? The feel of the air on my skin... the gentle colors of the setting sun across the clouds... the laughter trickling through the air... the fact that I have another day with someone I care about.

It was truly glorious. And Rob mentioned that it was the most fun he has had in months. We rolled around the park and bumped over choppy ground. We ate trout with capers and delicious garlic beef tips. We sat in chairs on the grass to listen to an old big band. We tried to remember the songs. That's it. But if that's all it takes, I want to give him that feeling again and again. Every day until his days have run out. You know, that's all I ever want to do for anyone. Give them joy and good memories each day again and again until their days run out. I love this.

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