Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Breathe Easy

It feels like things have rolled into place for me. Timing has been interesting the last few months and I've found myself a few months into an incredible friendship. What I find so amazing about this is that we shared a short period of time together 10 years ago. And since that time, I've always felt a deep and lasting care and concern for this man. We weren't in contact for this entire time, yet I always knew he was important to my heart. And in this burgeoning friendship, I feel cared for and safe. I feel that nothing is too much to say. I am not too much for this dear friend. And I am not too little. We breathe easy together. We sat by the river the other day exchanging words. And as the river flowed by, we shared bits. Just little bits about what we are going through. And he wrapped his arm around me... so good. It was such a comfort. I am in a very good place. And daily, my heart expands to allow more. There is so much about this man that is good. True goodness. And that word doesn't even really convey the depths of what I mean. I couldn't describe him if I tried. But if you were to pass him on the street, you would notice it in his eyes - his joy and determination. And goodness. You would also notice his motorcycle. It's outrageously beautiful.

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