Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Out

Today I just wanted to run for the hills. I don't know why. I wanted to throw away my cell phone and grab my dog and head for some beautiful rock. Climb. Eat. Sleep. That's it. I know it's not logical, but I kind of wanted to go by myself. Totally solo. I really want to go somewhere in South America. I've wanted to go for a year now. And just bury myself in the culture. Dance. Eat. Drink. Talk. And soak in life somewhere else. Not that my life is bad. It's quite good. I just got restless with it for a second and I wanted to exhale it all out and breathe in something new.

On another day, I would love to take someone wonderful. To see new things with them. But today I just want to leave alone. A book. A pencil. A camera. I want to wander along the beach and splash my feet in the water. And sit. That's it.

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