Friday, July 17, 2009

My Neighbor The Complete Idiot

So, my dog barks when people walk by. Luckily, we live on a lazy street where not many people walk by. At most, I'd say he barks for three minutes and then he's done. Frankly, I like that. I'm a single girl. It's something that I feel protects me. The best thing is that if you tell him to stop barking, he does. Genius dog. I am in love with him. Can you tell?

My neighbor was annoyed by his barking one day and came over to tell the friend of my roommate that next time he hears him barking, he will call the Sheriff. He doesn't even have the maturity to come talk to me about it... to leave a note... nothing like that. Interesting. So, I got a note today from the Sheriff. I'd like to know exactly how that went. If they stood outside my fence talking, my dog would have kept barking. As soon as they went inside or went away from my house, he would have stopped.

I'm severely annoyed at the ridiculousness of this. Seeing as how my dog is outside by himself once every couple days. Other than that, he is inside or he is with me.

I feel like I have to vent here because as soon as he calls me about it, I'm going to explode and call him a lily-livered skunk and a no-good low-down coward and a skinny effeminate dog provoker. A stupid dumpster putz with a baboon for a mother. Doodie head.

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