Saturday, August 16, 2008

Turning Twenty-Nine

Well, on Monday I turn 29. Real 29. Some of you turn 29 year after year. But I think I'll just do it once. I love my age. My twenties have been really wonderful. I started a career that I love. I bought a house. I got married. I learned so much about myself. I became a better climber. I grew into a better person... except for the one year, of course. Twenty-six was a terrible year. I am glad I never have to live those days again.

But I feel fortunate to have learned as much about myself as I know now. I've been through some really difficult times that stretched my character. I wonder if I would have become who I am without those times. Likely not.

I've always looked forward to my thirties. Who knows now whether it will bring what I thought it would bring. Being a twenty-something certainly was worlds different than I expected. But I hope I'm moving into a stage of life that I can settle into... that I can be comfortable in. You know? It's probably my choice, right? I wonder sometimes if I could be comfortable in all the situations I can visualize for my thirties - living here in the states... living in Argentina... being single... being part of a solid relationship... teaching... pursuing something else in the field of education... being a mom or a sort-of-mom

Whatever it is that is in store, I think I've learned that for me to be content in my situation, I have to continue to pursue the things I love - music, travel, climbing, family... really that's it. And if I can avoid getting sidetracked, I'll continue to love the days of my life. And if I can love the days of my life, then growing older will never plague me.

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