Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Love My Days

Today was so stellar!!! I taught guitar all day and ran home to show my house. This GREAT lady seems to be stoked on my house, so I am really stoked to have her here. She seems wonderful. I hope it comes through so I can get my ass north where I belong. Anyway, I climbed with a new amiga, Lisa. She is such a cool woman. Super confident and working through a tough divorce. She's wonderful. And I ate dinner with Vegas. I totally dig my friends. I miss them! Tomorrow morning, Sarah and I are headed out on a hike to the Punch Bowls. I'm super psyched.

I love having days that celebrate every moment. Days that aren't dependant on what anyone else says or does. But days that are filled with people I love. I am super lucky and it makes me glad to be alive.

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