Friday, November 28, 2008


A man working at a Walmart store was trampled this morning. Trampled to death. What kind of force has to be inflicted to kill someone by trampling? And it was all unintentional. We are in such a frenzy to go purchase shit that will sit around our house and collect dust that we are willing to take someone's life from them. We are willing to push and shove as though we are in a fight for our very existence. Unreal.

This morning I was leashing up my dogs to take them for a run and at the same time this poor man was sent to his death - to unlock the door of the Walmart so people could f***ing shop. Really? And this shouldn't be a surprise. It happens every year, right?

I hope everyone who felt their toes tap his body or felt thier feet sink into his torso, his face, his neck remembers this moment every time they enter a store. Every time they see the name Walmart. Every time they see a line stretch around a retail store. Outrageous! People are killed for so many reasons around the globe. Because of hate or revenge. Because they stood up for something in the face of opposition. But not for opening the door to a Walmart. This infuriates me.

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