Friday, February 16, 2007

Sappy, But True

Women are different. We all know that. We cry when someone else cries. We need a little reassurance every now and then of how someone feels about us. We pick up on social cues better than men. We dump guys for reasons like, "He was rude to the waiter." Some of us are neurotic. Some of us are chill. But I imagine most of us are a healthy blend of the two.

Men probably have no idea what it is about them that makes us want to be around them. Their strength. Their initiative. Those are all good. But the one thing that has absolutely taken me is how a man looks at a woman. It's in all the guy-is-crazy-for-the-girl movies. There's that one moment where the guy says everything with just a look. And normally, I wouldn't believe that it was real. But I've seen it. I've been the girl. And that moment is totally intoxicating. For that moment, as ridiculous as it sounds, the girl knows she captivates him. She knows that she means the world to him and that he would do anything for her. And that, above anything else, is the reason a girl falls in love.

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