Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Now?

So, grad school. What is there to consider? How much money can I find? Where do I want to go? Should I go while I work, or take some time off? I want to start right away. And then there's this thing with Adam. He's deploying soon. Frankly, I want to consider him in this whole decision, too.

I feel like I live in this whole "well, if things change" world. I plan decisions two different ways in case something changes. What taught me to function like that? I guess I know. I only had one plan before Rob got sick. Things changed. Now I feel like I have to have a plan 'B'. Do I? If I plan both ways, I feel like I'm less likely to be disappointed.

Seriously, though. I would decide to stay in Colorado for Adam. For me, too. Staying in Colorado isn't bad. But what about something completely new? Washington state or Australia? It's only a year or two. But my priority isn't my career.

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Lynne said...

Sometimes there seems like there are opportunities, but just because they are there, it doesn't necessarily mean God intends for you to act on them.
However, by the same token, they may be there for you to seize them. The only way to truly know is to pray. God opens and closes doors all the time. Sometimes He keeps one open and wants us to be content right where we're at.
This is a decision that, even after conferring with everyone you care to hear from, it's still up to you and where God is leading you. The most important thing of all in this life is to keep your finger, no... your LIFE on God's pulse. He's the only ONE that matters in the end, the only one.
Commit this to prayer.