Monday, March 9, 2009


I have to say I've found that in beginning relationships, commitment is rare. For whatever reason, boys shy away from commiting themselves in a relationship because they aren't sure what's around the corner. They'd hate to pull you into their lives just to miss the great thing that they are sure is coming their way. Right? There's nothing like quasi-commitment to make a girl feel semi-wanted. Hey... wake up. I AM that great thing. Self-righteous? No. Self-promoting? No. Confident? Yes. Absolutely. I know girls. And I know I am a catch. So what's the hold up? Catch me.

I might as well swim my self out to sea. Find myself an adventure and in the meantime maybe find someone who is willing to risk the rough waters to find something worth catching. I'll leave the mackerel to you men who won't step off the shore.


Miss Ash said...

Ohmygoddess, I love you.


I know exactly what you mean. To quote my friend Annie, "There are a lot of fish out there, but turns out the water's mostly shallow."

I agree with you, too. You ARE a catch. Never settle.

eLiZaBeTh said...

You are the shit, Stephanie. Don't you forget it!