Sunday, March 2, 2008

How To Tell If The Girl Is Not Interested: Part One

So, you go out on the first date. It seems great. You really like her. It seems like she might be into you, but you aren't too sure. She said yes to the second date... so she must be interested, right? No. Don't kid yourself.

She either truly is interested in you OR she feels pretty uncomfortable saying, 'I am completely disinterested in pursuing a relationship with you.' So, on the second date, she starts to employ a genius plan. This plan allows you, the date, to get a sense that the two of you really don't belong together - releasing her from the obligation to tell you that she's not into you. Here are the tell-tale signs that this is occurring.

Note: the following situations have actually happened.
1. She calls you 'Buddy'.
2. After the first date, she doesn't call or text for a week.
3. She blatantly admits to wearing dirty clothes. Not just dirty clothes, but really, really needs-to-be-washed jeans.
4. She (forcefully) pays for the second date to release herself from feeling obligated to date you.
5. You ask her out for another date and she says, 'no' or gives you the old tight-lipped nod.
6. The conversation turns to how burly she is and naturally, how wimpy you are.
7. She talks about how she's still not over her ex.
8 You mention making out and she says, "Well, I don't know about that..."
9.The ultimate date-diss: she wears high-waisted pants.
10. She gives you her 'other' number - 719. 359. 8077

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