Friday, February 8, 2008

Obligation Dating

A first date... not the time for a primo restaurant. If I am out on a first date at a nice place, you can expect that I order almost the cheapest thing on the menu. I probably don't order a drink. And I'm sitting there in a beautiful dress thinking... "Wow... this is so fake." Being in this nice restaurant leads me to talk about things that can keep me personally distant... You want to get to know me? Well, not tonight!

Sit me down somewhere that I can eat with chopsticks or at a sports bar and I'm there to enjoy myself. I'll order whatever I want. I'll get a drink... maybe two. I'm wearing clothes that I feel most myself in and I'll probably get into conversations about environmentalism, God's grace, or other things that capture my heart and help me define who I am.

Not only that, but if someone takes me out to a nice restaurant and pays... I feel obligated to give him a second date if he asks. The way I see it, if he's paying big bucks to feed me delicious food, the least I can do is oblige him to a second date regardless of how uninterested I am in him.

Nicer restaurants are for celebrations with the man you love. I feel beautiful and adored. We already know each other so well, that we can be comfortable here. It doesn't matter how much we spend because it is a celebration of our relationship.

Now, if only I could fill up on a great dinner and happily bid him adieu. Would I be more content? Aaaagh.

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