Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What Can You Do?

How does God work? How does He do what He does? Even when we've turned our backs on him time and time again - so many times that we lost track long ago - there's never a time that He says no. There's never a time where He makes us pay for what we did. There's never a time He wants to steal our joy or to terrify us into loving Him. He knows that doesn't work. He knows us. He knows that to draw us back to His heart that He will love us along that path. He will love us every step of the way - no matter if we are reluctant - no matter if we are scared - no matter if we've blamed him in the past. His kindness reaches farther than our sin has taken us. His love fills every spot that has been left empty. His embrace is present regardless of what we've done. His gaze towards us is never full of shame. No human heart can compare. No human heart can compare. No human heart can compare.

So what can you do when you can't fix the wrong you've done? Accept His kindness. Love Him for His love. Stay in His embrace. Live in the freedom of His gaze. Can we ever truly understand His love if we haven't fallen? Perhaps. Can we ever learn to love - even those who aren't 'worthy' of it - if we haven't failed? Perhaps.

I know who defines my life. I know whose arms I will fall into. And I know how He loves. It is irresistable.

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