Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My New Spice Jars

This post should be called, "Pinterest has me Wrapped Around its Little Finger." Every time I see beautiful pictures of yummy recipes (Homemade Chick-Fil-A Nuggets - to die for) or smartypants ideas (shredding chicken in your blender? - genius!), I want to do something all uber-homemaker.

So, one afternoon while Adam was out, I decided to become freakishly obsessed with my new spice jars. Now, these aren't just any old spice jars. These are the Cherry Coke of spice jars... or the Cinnamon Sugar Donuts of spice jars - the fresh, hot, melty donuts that make you feel a moment of heaven. Mmmmmm. So I washed them and dried them and oogled them all afternoon.

Here they are:

Rad. I know. Big chunky-looking glass with burly metal clasps. I wish I knew what to equate this to in a man's brain. Maybe like a new drill or a case of IPA (hops make me gag). Anyway, these make me feel classy and like I am a really awesome cook.

I typed up some cutey little labels and pasted them on the way that all expert homemakers do it: scotch tape.

So here are four of the 44 reasons why I love these...
#1 - I can have something delightful to store my own spice blends in, OR...
#2 - I can fit a whole jar of McCormick's spices in there.

#3 - I can fit my BigMama tablespoon inside. This lady has been around longer than I have. She deserves some room.

#4 - Check out the silicon on these bad boys. Nothing is getting through that seal.

Seriously. How could these be more perfect? Oh, I know. They are 4.5 ounces and are $2 each at Crate and Barrel Outlet. Love them.

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