Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things in My Purse

* iPod Touch - gotta keep my life organized - yay me.
* capo
* spark plug for 79 Kawasaki motorcycle
* spoon just in case I want to eat yogurt
* kiddy chopsticks - for Adam - I would never be reduced to using them myself
* pick
* pen
* dollar bill
* keys


eLiZaBeTh said...

That's it? You must have a vry small purse. If I were to list everything in my purse, it would be one crazy long list!

Mya said...

i'm really surprised and sorta proud that you have chopsticks in your purse. i live in japan, and I don't even have chopsticks in my purse! but i do have socks. i didn't used to carry socks in my purse, but they have become an essential since moving here.