Monday, July 16, 2007

Downhill Suicide

So, I've discovered that I am really into downhill mountain biking. In college, we always would do super long single track, which is fun too, but there is nothing like downhill - hauling ass down a ridiculous slope- jumping off of roots and dodging rocks in the trail. I'm not that great at it, but I love it. And it is really nice to be able to ride the lift to the top... lazy me.

Last week I was in Snowmass and it was my first experience at downhill so of course, I only have front suspension. I would love to see how a full suspension feels but until I can afford a new bike, there is no way I am going to ride one.

The first time down the trail, I sucked big time. I would go too fast for turns and would lock up my arms so I couldn't ride correctly. It sucked. But after a few times down, I was riding perfectly. It was so great to get through the whole trail without stopping or overshooting my turns. As I rode the lift back to the top, I was feeling pretty confident. So when the guys at the top gave me a little ego boost ("Wow. That was fast! Are you gonna race next weekend?"), I - the idiot, decide to go faster. I rode the whole trail perfectly but halfway through the whooptiewoos at the bottom, I thought I should pedal faster. I launched into the air and landed on my hip. I could feel the shock go through my bones and I felt like someone just hit me with a sandbag.

I hobbled up and rode to the bottom of the hill to get some alcohol to clean my leg. Damn it. I guess I need full gear.

But afterwards, I realized that I don't feel like I've pushed myself unless I crash. For me, crashing is just a part of riding. My buddy John never crashes, yet he still pushes himself. I don't get it. A little crashing doesn't bother me as long as I don't end up gushing blood or trying to put bone shards back inside my skin. But one day I'm going to be really good and I'm going to kick all your asses. : )

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