Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to Love Life?

So I've made a few decisions. I've decided that I won't be held down to time restraints unless it's an issue of my respect for someone else. I've decided that even though it's great to go places with friends, that if friends can't go, I will go alone. I've decided to learn and to keep on learning.
Why all this? I think I was losing my love for life. This summer has been such a refreshing breeze to me. It's been very, very sad too, of course. But I can't really go on with my life being a wreck of a person. And I can't go to sleep anymore knowing that my day was misspent. So I don't go to sleep until I've enjoyed a portion of my day.

And because of this, I witnessed a magnificent summer lightning storm just as the sun painted the sky in purple and orange. I rode a Harley. I learned how to samba. I sat by a mountain stream with my dog and let the water run through my fingers. I learned to make a mojito. I let myself take time looking at the beauty of a brillant purple thistle. I sipped on a Creamsicle martini. I let myself think. I listened... really listened to a local musician. I doused a plate of pulled pork with spicy barbeque sauce. I sat in the park and got to know some friends. I spoke Spanish. I let myself breathe a little bit.

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