Friday, June 16, 2006

The News

In 2002, my husband of eight months was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I remember being with him in the waiting room. The room was dark - my husband was so sensitive to the light that he would throw up if it was too bright. We had our pastor with us and although it was a serious situation, we were very light-hearted. I suppose that I had refused to believe that anything significant was taking place. The doctor came in and simply said, "Well, it's not good news." Instantly, my heart clenched within me and I was terrified.

Just a few days before, my pastor had pulled me aside to tell me something that I know was from the heart of God. He told me that I was a compass, a pillar, and an anchor. What did this mean? Strength, support, and a sense of direction. I was excited that God saw these qualities in me, but not until later that day did I begin to process this information. You know, God gives us just what we need and provides it for us in the right season of our lives. I realized that something big was about to happen. It was going to be serious, significant, and very difficult.

So, when we were sitting in that dark room, awaiting the news from my husband's CAT scan, I joked, I laughed, and I comforted my husband. But I knew we were about to encounter a huge trial.

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